Why become a BFJA member?

BFJA benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a BFJA member.  Some are listed here: 

  • Knowledge-sharing and networking 
  • Keeping up-to-date with pan-industry issues both nationally and globally
  • Policy and regulatory work is undertaken on behalf of the industry 
  • The BFJA acts as a contact point for international exporters and manufacturers
  • The BFJA can highlight and enhance brand awareness 

"Membership of the BFJA has been a real positive for our business.  We have made lots of business contacts and friends along the way, kept up-to-date with industry news and views and keep learning about wider issues that impact our business.  It's a great organisation!"  Michael Dudley, Director, JC Dudley & co.

  • Knowledge-sharing and networking
    An extensive knowledge network that gives you resources and support for all things fruit juice
  • Keep up-to-date with pan-industry issues
    A monthly newsletter 
  • Policy and regulatory work undertaken on behalf of the industry
    Concerns from members can be channelled to the appropriate organisation 
  • Contact point for international exports/manufacturers
    The BFJA acts as a contact point for international exporters/manufacturers connecting members
  • Highlight and enhance your brands
    A mechanism for site visitors to link directly to your website
  • Promote your business through the website
    As a member, you can feature your logo on the BFJA website 

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